ROCK IN A HARD PLACE an independently produced ROCK DOCUMENTARY has received a "South Australian Screen Award" 

"THE INDEPENDENT VISION AWARD" and was also Nominated for a BEST FEATURE.   


30 odd years of South Australian underground original music. 1978 – 2015. 

Celebrating over 90 musicians, their bands and many other local music supporters who have helped make the SA music scene what it is today.


This film is a celebration and a tribute to South Australian original music, from the perspective of Adelaide's underground pub rock scene. The stories are memories told through the eyes of the musicians themselves and other local music supporters. This film intends to acknowledge many of the much loved and well respected underground Adelaide bands from the late 70s to the present day.  We pay tribute to the DIYers who’s continuous efforts over the past 30 years to support, encourage and celebrate this particular music scene,  has helped  make it the rich & thriving scene it is today. Its about a generation of musicians who grew up in Adelaide South Australia and those people who embraced the "do it yourself" Attitude and were inspired as youths by the punk movement back in the late 70s. This punk DIY ethic was often the driving force behind many teens of the times throughout the world to want to start bands, set up public radio stations, record labels and their own music fanzines. Here in Adelaide  after 30 years we meet some of these same people who are now in their 40s and 50s, and still playing in bands, volunteering at the public radio station and churning out their local music fanzines. The sheer longevity of the commitment and the efforts made by these people who are driven by their passion for local music has helped create the vibrant and rich scene it is today. It is those local legends that have created our music history.
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Thanks to all who donated through POZIBLE. We reached our pozible target for post production and the film is now complete. 


We listen to the memories of  members from many unforgettable SA bands such as :

Fear & Loathing, The Ubombs, Accountants, Dagoes, The Beavers, Bloodloss, Repo, Love Fever, Screaming Believers, Acid drops, Skunks, Primevils,  22 sect, Pure purple, The Verge, The Plague, The Lick, Super fly, Weirdos, Nuvo Block, Brats, Billion Dollar Bums, Blood sucking freaks, Spikes, Perdition, NFI, Iron Sheiks, New Rose,Zippy and the Boneheads Gacey's Place, King Daddy Agent Orange, Sudafed, Glen and the peanut butter men,  Toyland, Hot Tomatoes, Bearded clams,  Meatbeaters,  Devils Cabaret, Exploding White mice, Purple Vulture shit, Ugly Ugly Ugly, Iguana Twins, Raw Sex, Dead popes of the Vatican, Fiendish Cavendish, Back Seat Romeos, Wheres the Pope, Skunks, Belial, Kamikaze, Peterhead, Glamville,  Meat, Guns of Krishna, Leather Messiah, Toxic shock, Roadside Slasher, Red Rascal, Raw Spud, The Toss, The Crazies, Where's the Pope, Vegans in leather, Hack, Grong Grong, Operation octopus, Screaming Jennies, The Mark of Cain,  The Avant Gardeners, Raw sex, Colostomy bag lady, Backseat Romeos, Gravel faced racer, Grot, Sumpgrinder, Meat tray, White Tiger, Kamikaze and many more..

We have interviewed music supporters such as  Doug Thomas of Greasy Pop records, who financed and produced vinyl records for many of Adelaide's emerging bands during the late 70s and 1980s when no-one else would. We've spoken with many Three D Radio announcers, volunteers who have been supporting and playing  a massive amount of local music since it began back in 1978, (known back then as 5mmm)  Three D Radio have played a huge role in helping make the Adelaide music scene the unique and vibrant scene that it is today. Adelaide may be a small city but it has a strong, passionate and very unique music community. 

Participants :

Harry Butler, Paul Gilcrest, Dave Manning, Mark Hayes , John Scott, Frank Woogie, Andy MacQueen, Karl Melvin, Hermann Lauss, Chris Wiley, Gerry Masi, Chris Cashel, Ewan Cameron, Renestair EJ, Andrew Bunney, Mike Bareniac, Suzie Ramone, Dave Gray, Jo Herbert. Milli, Paul Slater, Ben Parkinsn, in Laud, Andrew Steel, Dave Mason, Mick Morris, Pete Christopher, Darren Auchenlonie, Pete The Stud, Tony Grudge, Dave Williams CBL, Mike Wilczek, Nesta Michell, Nazz - Paul Oldham, Alan Bindig, Pange Neiamoller, Ken Sykes, Johnny Cavuto, Arna Eyres White - DB mag, Belinda McQueen, Jessica Thomas, Harry Butler, Dick Dale, Anton Becker, Ross Martin, Dave Omsby, Andrew Piper, Mark Gilbert, Julie Graham, Dave Kennedy, Damien Kelly,, Dorothy Polawoski, Nathan Dale, Michael Tohl, Jay Young, Mark Lewis, Aaron Hewson, Tim Kelton, Johathon Crouch, Hew Francis, Chris Morley, AJ Morley, Tony Gray, Chris Eddey, Jodie Peterson, Anna  Crouch, Rebecca Jane Lyons, Andrew Foley, Doug Thomas - Greasy Pop, Roy Erzinger, Stephen Atkinson, Justin Butler, Rod Archer, Gerry McCaffery, Sam Hartshorne, Shep, Shane - Inzone, Terry Rowe, Jess Fisher. (VICTORIA) Jim Selene, David Crease, Lisa Clemments, Nick Haines, Liz Dealey, Chris Wilard, Kelly Hewson, Tom Deckert, Peter Read. NEW YORK USA Stu Spasm and more...



HISTORIANS : Harry Butler / Simon Butcher /Mike Baraniac /Mark Hayes/Todwina J Moore

EXTRA CAMARAS :  Hugh Freytag / Nick Robinson /Michael Wilczek/

MASTERING : Simon Rose / TodwinaJ moore

INTERVIEWERS : Pat Moore /  Mike Baraniac / Mark Hayes, /Chris Cashel / Mike Wilczek / Andrew Bunney


Special thanks to : Valiant Designs, Oz Music & Books, Greasy Pop Records, Three D Radio 93.7 fm, Pachyderm Studios, Coopers Brewery and all the individuals who have donated towards this project.

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Live at the Enigma Bar :

  • ROADSIDE SLASHER                    
  • GLAMVILLE                                       
  • LEATHER MESSIAH                       

Live at the Jolly Miller Hotel :

  • MEATBEATERS                               
  • IRON SHEIKS                                

Live at the Crown & Anchor :

  • NFI - Marks 50th
  • Dead Popes of the Vatican

Live at the Squatters Arms  Hotel :


Live at the Jetty Bar   :


Live at Jive   :

  • Back Seat Romeos ( 4 songs Only)
  • Blowfly (from USA) whole show
  • Van Cleef  & Kill Devil Hills

Live at the Exeter Hotel :
       *  Van Cleef and many more.....




Roadside Slasher

Raw Spud @ The Jolly